I look through the viewfinder and move more slowly, breathe more deeply and see more clearly.  My images capture the intersection and interplay of color, light and line of everyday things, both man-made and natural, to tell a story of what has been, what is, what will - or can - be.

     Raised on film and in a darkroom since I was five, I expose and frame through the lens as with film, though I now shoot digital.  To me, photography is the art and science of painting with light, and a negative is still a negative whether it is a glass plate, a roll of celluloid film or an SD card.  My love of photographic printing combined with a belief that bringing the image to life on paper is as much a part of the creative process as pressing the shutter, leads me to personally create archival prints of my images.

    Each picture I take captures a fleeting moment in time, never to be repeated yet designed to exist beyond the moment.  Bridging time and space, I hope my images spark individual memories and universal emotions for those who see them.  ~ DLB